What’s His Zodiac Sign? This Is Why He’ll Cheat On You.

Every zodiac sign has its own pros and cons and we are here to talk about one thing that all zodiac signs have in common – but do it out of different reasons – cheating.

If you’ve had a partner who has cheated on you, that at some point for sure you’ve wondered why that happened or what led to it. You might’ve lost a few nights of sleep wondering about the same thing over and over again without being able to understand.

Well, that’s what we’re here for – help you understand.

This is why every zodiac sign cheats – no censor. Here we go:


Cancers don’t cheat. They can’t handle the guilt that comes from cheating, so they just stay away from it and they stay devoted to a single partner their entire lives.


Leos are energetic and independent, they want to have fun and they look at love and lovemaking as separate experiences. They won’t cheat unless some of his needs are not met.


Virgos are also extremely committed and they don’t like cheating, they don’t do very well with the guilt – similarly to cancers.


If you live a libra alone for a longer period of time, they’re gonna miss the attention and they might go and flirt or experiment with another lover, just out of stress.


Scorpios are passionate and sensual, but scorpions are among the men that are most probably going to cheat on you, mostly because they have a libido with the size of Antarctica and they just. need. more.


Sagittarius cheat because of curiosity and boredom. They’re playful and active, so make sure your relationship is not tedious – otherwise, they will cheat.


Capricorns are too honest to cheat. They have their principles and they stick to them. They don’t like being cheated on either.


Aquarius trust their partners and they share their whole life with them. As long as you stay true, he will too. But if you start sleeping around on him, he will definitely return the favor.


Pisces are romantic and adorable, they are comfortable with their partners and they’re fully invested in the relationship. However, if you disappoint a pieces, they will look for someone else to physically satisfy their emotional needs.


Aries are very honest, but they have a lust for adventure that can lead them astray from the relationship. As long as you keep things vibrant, you should be fine.


If a Taurus feels insecure, he may become unfaithful. As long as he is completely certain that you are devoted to your relationship with him, he will be completely devoted to you.


Be open and communicative with Gemini, because they do have the nature and the tendency to be with many people at the same time.

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