How Big Are Your Hands? Here’s What It Means.

Our hands are one of the most useful parts of our body and without them, our lives would be unimaginably hard.

We have 29 joints, 27 bones, and 123 ligaments on our hands, which makes them also one of the most complicated parts of our body. They definitely make our lives easier and help us do so many tasks throughout the day. But there’s one thing that you didn’t know about your hands and that’s that they can indicate what kind of person you are. Yes, seriously. Most of us are not aware of it, but the size of your hands can say a lot about your personality.

First you’ll need to measure your hands to find out more about your hands and then next thing, read on.

Bend your arm inwards at a 45° angle at your elbow. Next you need to take the other hand and put the thumb from that hand onto the elbow and try to stretch your hands upwards towards the wrist. If you can reach the wrist easily, you have large hands. But if you do not, you have small hands.

People Who Have Small Hands

If you’re among the ones that have small hands, then you’re more prone to take risks in your life. You have a very adventurous spirit, and unfortunately, your relationships usually are quite a lot of drama. You are logical and you have an immediate solution to any problem.

People With Large Hands

On the other HAND (lol), people with large hands are absolute perfectionists. They pay close attention to every detail and are very sensitive (especially when it comes to criticism), they can even get impulsive at times.

But not just the size of your hands – also, the shape of your palm can show something about your personality.

People with square palms are logical and intuitive, and also believe in solving problems logically, whereas, people with rectangular palms are intuitive and they tend to solve any problem faster.

Long fingers indicate a curious personality, whereas short fingers indicate leadership skills.

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