Are You Sleeping Next To The Person You Love?

Sleeping with the person you love is really nice because it gives you that warm feeling of fulfillment inside. But did you know that sleeping with the one you love is actually beneficial also for your physical health?

Love is closely connected to a variety of emotions, some of which are positive, and some of which are negative. The positive ones include happiness, security, comfort, while the negative ones may include anger, jealousy, sadness, etc. But as we said, love is not just about emotions – it affects your health too, but in a good way, and we have a study that confirms it.

The University of Pittsburgh conducted a study on couples who sleep together at night and found out that they are generally healthier than the couples who sleep alone. Even though sometimes the couples experience more nighttime interruptions, they still tend to live longer!

Dr. Wendy M. Troxel, the lead researcher, pointed out that sleeping with a partner has a lot of psychological benefits. These psychological benefits outweigh all the physical discomforts that couples experience when sleeping together.

Also, women who are in a stable marriage were more likely to fall asleep quicker and actually have better quality sleep compared to single women or women who were in broken or toxic relationships.

Sharing a bed with a partner makes women feel safer, so they have better sleep and as a result, better health. The researchers also pointed out that sharing a bed reduces the levels of cortisol – a.k.a the stress hormone – in the body

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