9 best & easy exercises to get rid of waist fat

Women do have a propensity to put on weight in pelvic region without any precise reason. Thus,  it very important to follow a healthy lifestyle and check out if the waistline is exceeding the wanted limits.

More importantly, by exercising constantly, we can maintain the curvaceous figure, more particularly the curvaceous which are designed entirely for the waistline.

Some effective Exercises To Reduce Women Waist Fat:

Here are a few exercises to reduce and shed waist fat at home with no equipment.

1. Side Pulling:

Side to side pulling can help in reducing the bulges from the sides of the waist responsible to make you look wider.

What you need to do :

  • You are required to stand straight with legs joint and back straight
  • Then,  you ought to lift your arms high above your head, with fingers pointing at the ceiling
  • By  lifting your hands as high as possible, you need bend to the right side as far as you can till the stretch is felt on left side muscles
  • Keep this  position for 5 seconds and come back to position
  • You should perform 20 stretches on each side daily.

2. Air Cycling:

Cycling is a very useful exercise for the body, and cycling is not restricted to the bicycle only.

How to perform it :

  • You are required to lie flat on the floor with legs stretched out and hands on the sides
  • Then, you need to  lift both legs at the  same time  as well as bend at the knees and keep the calf parallel to the floor
  • You have stretch out one leg at a time, pushing it to point the wall in front and bringing it back to initial position
  • Repeating it with the legs alternatively will bring about movements of cycle riding
  • By regularly cycling a few minutes, you can improve the shape of the waist.

3. Leg Lifts:

Leg lifts help in burning the fat deposits from side waist as well as abdominal area. Moreover, the level of difficulty could be increased by adding weights to the legs.

What you ought to do:

  • You need to lie on the mat with hands on the sides and legs stretched joined in a position wherein  the sole is parallel to the wall in front
  • You need take a deep breath in and left both the legs with the toes pointed out
  • The main  objective  is to lift the legs to 60 degrees and hold in position for 15-20 seconds
  • Firstly, holding for 20 seconds can be difficult, so begin with 10 and bit by bit increase it.

4. Twisting:

Twisting can reduce the fatty muscles at waist and abdomen taking a lot of time to shed.

How to perform it :

  • You ought to stand with your legs at shoulder length width and hands on the waist
  • Without bending the back turn from the waist to your left and try looking at the wall behind you
  • Stay and remain  in this the position for 10 seconds and return to front position
  • Repeat on the other side
  • Twisting has other benefits: for example, it treats the back which comes with being overweight.

5. Side Planks:

Side Planks assists in reducing the inches from the waist, along with strengthening the upper body.

How to perform it :

  • You need to  lie sideways on the mat and then  lift the upper body on the left elbow
  • You have to make sure  that the legs are one over the other, and right hand on waist
  • After that , you  ought to  lift your waist and try to make a straight line with the head, waist and feet
  • You should hold the position for 10 seconds and bring the waist back on the mat
  • Two sets of 15 each ought to be done for the beginning. Start will less count and duration, then increase.

6. Crunches:

Crunches are considered as an effective form of exercise to tone the abs as well as get rid of the chubby from the abdominal area.

What you should do :

  • You need to lie flat on your back on a mat.
  • After that, pull forward both your legs, bend at the knees and put the sole flat on the ground.
  • Then, by employing pressure at the abdominal muscles, you should pull and draw your upper body.
  • The ultimate aim is to touch your nose at the knees.
  • Finally, you have to exhale and return to position.
  • If you do  30-40 crunches .you will surely reduce waist fat. As a start, you need only to perform 15 crunches.

7. Reverse Crunches:

For people who have extra deposits on the abdominal area, reverse crunches is your savior and it is an outstanding exercise for thighs and waist also.

What you need to do:

  • You should lie on  your back on the mat and put the threaded fingers under the head
  • Then, you need to pull the legs, folding at the knees bring it to the position where the soles are flat on the floor
  • Now without moving the upper body, you need to  bring the knees as close to the chest as possible lift the head as well
  • After that , you need to hold  for 5 seconds as well push it back on  the floor
  • Reverse crunches should be done in-group of ten and at least 2 sets is a force for the beginning.’

8. Back Lifts:

Back Lifts stretch the abdominal muscles, along with curing lower back problems. Besides improving blood circulation, back lifts strengthen the backbone as well.

What you need to do:

  • You need lie on the mat with legs bent at the knees and sole flat on the floor.
  • You are supposed to put hand on the side near the hips with palm flat on the floor
  • After that , with the support of the palm  lift the hips in the air
  • The goal is to make a straight line with the knees, hips and face
  • Then , you  have to hold in position for 15 seconds and exhale while  you return  to position
  • Most importantly, two sets of 10 have to be done at least 4 times in a week.

9. Sit-Ups:

Generally, sit-ups are universally known for thigh and butt workout, but they are very good f  on the waist as well.

To Perform:

  • You need to stand tall on the floor with legs parted at shoulder width.
  • You have to  keep your back straight, bend on your knees and bring your arms together at front, taking a deep breath in
  • You are required to go as low as possible, then stand back
  • You  should employ  arms to balance the weights while get back up and breathe out
  • As a start, do 25 sit-ups.
  • Keeping a balanced routine is very vital for all the workout and diet, and via doing so, you will get positive results on the body. None of them is effective if alone. Hence, try maintaining a good lifestyle and keep exercising.

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