What happens if you keep your feet in vinegar once a week

Do you want to try a natural remedy that you will never regret using only a product that you can find in your kitchen? Keep your feet in vinegar for 30 minutes once a week and you will see some very interesting things. No, it’s not just about removing the unpleasant odor of the feet, it’s more than that.
Many people often experience fatigue in the legs and may even experience pain due to too much walking, overwork, or inappropriate footwear. 

Apple cider vinegar is an extremely healthy ingredient that can be used for various purposes. Normally we use it most for cooking. We all know that vinegar has been associated with healing many health problems.
However, when used for the feet, it is important to be diluted because it is quite strong. To prepare the solution, it is necessary to use one part vinegar and two parts water. The solution obtained has a strong odor at the beginning, which is why essential oils can be added to change that.

Research has found that vinegar has anti-fungal properties that help clean the feet. It can also be used to combat the unpleasant odors of the feet. Before soaking your feet in vinegar, it is very important to wash thoroughly with soap and water.

Keeping the legs in this vinegar and water solution can also help to treat, neutralize and cure the fungal infection that is commonly found in the feet and toenails.

At the same time, dry and cracked heels can have visible benefits with this solution, but the water used must be cold because the hot one will dry the skin even more.

Also, after softening your feet, put on cotton socks for your feet to breathe. Vinegar can even treat warts or warts, because it has exfoliating properties.

For more effective treatment, vinegar can be added directly to the affected areas with a cotton swab.

Here are other benefits of vinegar:

Helps heal burns

Apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory properties that are essential for the healing of burns. If you have burned your feet or any other area of ​​your body, all you have to do is add vinegar to the water and then apply it to the affected area.
This will help hydrate the skin and soothe the burn.

Reduces muscle cramps

Keeping your feet in vinegar can help you get rid of muscle cramps. It also consumes 2 tablespoons of vinegar and a teaspoon of honey mixed in a glass of hot water, while the feet are soaked in vinegar. This procedure greatly eases muscle cramps.

It eliminates the unpleasant odor of the feet

You will get rid of the unpleasant smell of your feet. Soak your feet for 30 minutes and then remove them from the sink without wiping them. Leave your feet for a few minutes and then use a soft towel to wipe them off.

It heals the foot fungus and treats cracked heels

It eliminates the bacteria that deposit on the feet and reduces the risk of foot fungus formation. If you wash your feet often with vinegar, you will have healthier nails and they will grow faster, and your heels will no longer crack.

Get smooth legs

Apple vinegar helps to regain the fineness of the feet. If you walk a lot in a day, they can look dry and the streets beat especially at the end of the day.

Other uses of vinegar

  • if you put apple vinegar in a shampoo, you will get rid of the dandruff faster and you will prevent the hairs from deteriorating;
  • mix vinegar with honey and use it to cure the inflamed throat;
  • If you want your shoes to have an unpleasant odor, spray apple vinegar before using them.

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