Natural remedies for ear infections

You may know how painful an acute ear infection is – a continuous pain that pulses and is interrupted only by an intense sensation of an object that pierces the eardrum. The doctors’ recommendation for these pains is most often antibiotics. First of all, earaches are not always infections and not all ear infections are caused by bacteria; can be caused by a virus or fungus. Antibiotics administered kill all, both good and bad bacteria in the intestines, breaking the balance and allowing Candida to grow. 

External ear infection

External ear infection, also called the swimmer’s ear, is an infection of the outer ear canal. Water entering the ear from a swimming pool, for example, can lead to such an infection. The eardrum swells; the ear canal becomes inflamed and swollen. Often the pain is located behind and around the ear and goes down to the ear lobe.

Internal ear infection

An infection of the inner ear is an infection of the eustachian tube. Eustachio’s tube is blocked due to its swelling and inflammation. If not cleaned, it becomes environmentally friendly for bacteria, viruses or fungi.

Ear pain

An ear pain can be caused by the accumulation of wax in the ear or the pressure placed on the eardrum by the fluid in Eustachio’s tube.

Natural treatments for infections or pain in the ear

There are many natural remedies for improving ear pain or ear infection.
Ear pain is often cured by a combination of heat, warm oil poured into the ear and gargle. The warm liquid helps to move the blood in the area. The hot and cold alternation increases the circulation even more. Warm ear oil (coconut or olive oil) weakens and melts ear wax. (You have to be careful that the oil is not too hot. Put a few drops of oil on the wrist to test it). Gargle with apple cider vinegar helps to open Eustachio’s trunk and clean it.

Internal ear infections heal very well with apple cider vinegar gargle. If they are discovered early enough, no further treatment is needed.

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