How to tell if eggs are fresh or not !

When it comes to eating eggs, we must be very careful because, if they are not so fresh it can cause food poisoning. That is why it is important to make sure the eggs are fresh before consuming them.
In general, if the temperatures are high or if not stored properly, the food can spoil much faster. If you want to find out if the eggs that you have in the fridge for some time are still edible, read and practice the tips below.There are several ways to find out if an egg is broken or not. For example, if you shake it and hear the yolk crash into the shell, it means the egg is no longer good.

Here are some other effective methods to test the freshness of the eggs!

Put the egg in a bowl with water

What you need to do is place the egg in a water bowl, preferably transparent to better see what is happening. Remember the following tips:

  • If the egg sinks quickly and stays at the bottom of the vessel in a horizontal position, it means that it is still fresh.
  • If it sinks slowly and stays at the bottom in a diagonal or vertical position, the egg is not fresh.
  • The explanation is as follows: the larger the angle created at the bottom of the vessel, the older the egg. But it can still be eaten.
  • If the egg does not sink and float in the middle of the vessel, it means it is broken and should not be consumed.
  • If the egg floats on the surface of the water, it means it is completely broken and must be thrown away.
  • The floating effect is caused by the gases that organic materials produce when they decompose. Therefore, if the egg floats, it should not be consumed.

Boil the eggs

  • If you boil an egg and cut it in half and notice that the yolk is in the center and that there is a small space filled with air, it means that the egg is still good.
  • If the yolk is closer to the shell and there is plenty of air in it, the egg can no longer be consumed.

Break the egg
Another simple way to figure out if an egg is broken is to break it into a plate.

  • If the egg does not spread too hard and the yolk remains intact, then the egg is still fresh.
  • If the egg white and the yolk are scattered all over the plate and the yolk is completely dispersed, it would be better to throw it away.

Search for the expiry date on the egg

One thing to keep in mind is also the date when the hen laid the egg, called “week 0”. Beginning with week 3, eggs should no longer be sold in stores. The reason is that the eggs expire in week 4 after the egg was made, according to the packing date. From that moment, these foods begin to lose their organoleptic properties, so we must be cautious about their consumption, especially starting at week 6.

In order to keep the eggs in good condition, it is advisable to keep them in a dry and cool place. In this way, they are kept fresh for up to three weeks.

If the eggs have been cooked, keep the leftovers in the refrigerator in an airtight container. In this way the eggs are kept edible for another 3-4 days. However, it is advisable to check the odor and other aspects to see if they are still good.

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