This Japanese Breathing Technique Can Help You Lose Up to13 Kilos Quickly!

Dieting is not everyone’s cup of tea. Parting ways with your beloved carbs is hard, and we totally get it. Allow us to introduce you to Japan’s famous—Long-breath diet!

Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke was struggling with back pain and his doctor prescribed exercises for some relief. He discovered that this exercise alone helped him lose 13 kg and 12 cm from the waist in just a few weeks.

Ryosuke called it a long-breath diet. It’s a simple technique that involves taking a certain position, inhaling for three-second, and exhaling strongly for seven seconds. The best part is that you only have to do this exercise for just 2 minutes a day!

The reason why this exercise works is because fat consists of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. When the oxygen we breathe in reaches the fat cells, it splits them into components (carbon and water). Therefore, we burn more fat when our body uses more oxygen.

Here’s the video tutorial which will help you perform this exercise, the right way:

Bonus: Experts say, that this technique will strengthen the body’s muscles and increase metabolism as well.

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